zekk.works June 2021 Update

Hey everyone, long time no talk. Time is flying by this year!

I won't bore anyone with any extra fluff, so here's what's going on in my world:

Ogre (extras)

The major delay in this was that I didn't purchase enough PCBs during the group buy period to account for extras and had to put an order in a bit later than ideal. Good news is that I now have these PCBs on hand and will be arranging for the sale of Ogre extras shortly.

Here's what I have on hand:

  • 6 Red Ogre (winkey)
  • 3 Gray Ogre (winkey)
  • 1 Black Ogre (winkey)
  • 1 PC Half Plate 
  • 4 Gray Full Plate (Aluminum)
  • 15 FR4 Half Plates
  • 15 FR4 Full Plates

Here's my plan:

  1. Extras via Raffle (7 units)
  2. Extras via Vickrey Auction (3 units)

First, a raffle will be held via JotForm (similar to the original GB) and winners will be sent invoices via my Shopify storefront. Color and plate preferences will be collected in the raffle form. There will be 7 units available for this raffle (3 red, 3 gray, 1 black).

If you are not keen on the available plate materials, plate files are available in my Discord, and I will write up a tutorial on how to have one made via SendCutSend (they offer many different materials that can be used for keyboard plates).

Following that sale, I will hold a Vickrey Auction: The red Ogres were the most popular by far and with that in mind, I will be taking 3 red Ogres and put them up for Vickrey auction.

I'm planning to hold the Vickrey somewhat soon (late July).

More specific info regarding how the Vickrey will occur will be shared closer to the middle of July.


The prototype is in the hands of Lulzthax and tonykjin and will be built in two different configurations in the next couple of weeks.

I had planned to be nearly ready to start the group buy by now and then start it around the beginning of July, but I don't believe that is a good idea. In chatting with hiney recently, and you may have seen in other conversations in the community, there are major IC shortages throughout the world. It is not impossible to acquire the chips and other components necessary for the PCBs to be manufactured, but they are much more expensive (~3x more expensive).

I will not be starting a group buy until I've come up with a solution or alternative with hiney.

More information to come following the build streams and some personal time with the board (targeting late July/early August).


The new kid on the block -- the potential successor to Ogre.

I posted some teasers on Instagram and I even wrote a hit piece on my own board because I was not entirely satisfied with Ogre's current form.

Long story short, Kijin is what I imagine the most logical evolution of Ogre to be. It's still very much in the design phase and will likely go through a prototyping phase later this year.

Full zekk-style production (50-100 units sold via my Shopify storefront via raffle) is likely a bit farther off. This isn't because I don't want it to happen, but because I want to be cautious of global raw material shortages.

My goal with Kijin is to release a 60% keyboard that is comfy and a genuinely wonderful typing experience. There will be more room around the PCB to allow more "flex" and I will also be experimenting with softening the upstroke (i.e. reducing metal/metal contact and resonance).

More information will be released closer to the prototyping phase.


As always I'm open to questions/discussion regarding any of my projects past, present, or future via my Discord (https://discord.zekk.works).

For inquiries about collaboration (not commissions, sorry!), please send me an email: collab@zekk.works